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Tver region
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Lake of glacial origin in Tver and Novgorod regions of Russia.
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Russia's cleanest region

Tverskaya Oblast (from 1935 to 1990 - Kalininskaya Oblast) is a constituent entity of the Russian Federation. It is part of the Central Federal District and part of the Central economic region. Tver Oblast is the largest region of Central Russia. It is located within the East European Plain. It borders on the Moscow, Yaroslavl, Vologda, Novgorod, Smolensk, and Pskov regions. As part of the Russian Empire and the RSFSR until 1929 there was the Tver province. On January 29, 1935 the Kalinin Oblast was formed, and since 1990 the oblast has been called the Tver Oblast. The administrative center and largest city is Tver..


The Tver Oblast is located in the west of the middle part of the East European Plain. It stretches 260 km from north to south and 450 km from west to east. The area of the region is 84,201 km², which is slightly larger than the territory of Austria. The distance from the ring road of Moscow to the border of the region is 90 km.

В. Putin about Tver: Tver region is not a resourceful region: it has no oil, no gas, but there are many areas where you can succeed, and the people are very hardworking and talented, the history of this region is very rich - there is something to build on.

The climate of the whole Tver region is moderately continental, moderately continental humid with warm summer, Dfb (by Keppen), but due to a rather long length of the region from southwest to northeast, the continentality of the climate increases and the climate of the region varies quite a lot. Average temperatures in January vary from -6°C in the southwest to -10°C in the northeast, July from +17 to +19°C respectively. Rainfall is about 650 mm per year. The northernmost city in the region is Vyegonsk, which lies at 58.3965 ° N. The day time there is from 6 hours 17 minutes on 22.12 till 18 hours 24 minutes on 22.06 (the difference is 12 hours 07 minutes, the average longitude of the day is 12 hours 20 minutes a year). The southernmost city in the region is Bely, its latitude is approximately equal to the latitude of Moscow, 55.5°N.

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Ostashkovo district, Khotino village

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Embankment in Ostashkov

On the shores of the lake in an ecologically clean city.


The architecture of the 20th century is full of nostalgia.

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A unique corner of wildlife in the 21st century. Main Street.


A 19th and 21st century meeting place that you have to see.
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